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Application for a preliminary decision

If you are unsure whether you have completed the eight years of work covered by pension insurance that are required in order to receive an adult education allowance or whether your studies are covered by the adult education allowance, you can apply for a preliminary decision from us.

For the preliminary decision, we will calculate the amount of working time you have accrued and check whether your studies are covered by the adult education allowance. The other prerequisites for receiving the allowance will only be examined when you send the final payment application. Preliminary decisions do not state the amount of the allowance, nor do they guarantee that your payment application will be approved.


You can apply for a preliminary decision when you have been accepted to study the programme that your application concerns. You do not need to have a study leave agreement with your employer when you apply for a preliminary decision.

Attach a study certificate or certification to show that you have been accepted in to the study programme or registered for the programme. Your application will be rejected if you do not attach a certificate of studies.

Submit an application for a preliminary decision by using our online service

Page updated: 30/12/2018