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Informing us of changes

You must contact us at the Employment Fund by phone or email to inform us of all changes related to your allowance well in advance of the allowance payment date. The decision letter you received includes a list of the things you must inform us of without delay. You must also inform us of changes to your contact details.

If you use email, we recommend using an encrypted email connection. Send your email to this address and clearly state the matter you wish to inform us of, along with the application number and your date of birth. We will respond within 1–3 working days.

You can also call our customer service team on +358 75 757 0505 on weekdays between 9 am and midday.


The adult education allowance is taxable income subject to a standard withholding tax rate of 20 %.

If you would like to increase or decrease the withholding tax, you can send a new tax card to the Employment Fund for the purpose of benefits, and tax will be withheld at the rate indicated on the tax card. You can order a new tax card on the Tax Administration’s website. When you apply for a new tax card, you will need to know your earnings, taxes and benefits granted to you for the current year. Refer to your adult education allowance decision for information about benefits. The Employment Fund’s name cannot be found in the list of selectable payers, so please choose ‘other Finnish payer’ and enter the name of The Employment Fund as the payer manually.

You can send the tax card to the Employment Fund by encrypted email.

Payment recovery

In order to avoid a payment recovery process, make sure you fill in your application carefully and answer every question. Remember to inform us of changes without delay well in advance before the next allowance payment date. If you do not inform us of changes, you may be required to return adult education allowance payments to us if they were paid without justification. In principle, any overpaid allowances will be recovered in full. The following may result in payments being recovered:

  • Your studies or study leave are discontinued or suspended
  • You graduate before the end of the allowance period
  • You do not make full-time progress on your studies
  • The educational institution or education changes
  • You surpass the threshold for additional income while the allowance is being paid
  • Your employment or service relationship ends
  • You receive a new type of social security benefit while the allowance is being paid, such as maternity, paternity or parental allowance, home care allowance, pension, rehabilitation benefit or similar
  • You move away from Finland for a long period
  • You complete compulsory military service or civilian service

If your employment is terminated after the allowance period begins for reasons that are not attributable to you (such as production and financial reasons), you will not necessarily lose your right to the adult education allowance granted to you. You may retain your right to the adult education allowance until the end of the allowance period stated on the decision. However, you cannot receive any extra adult education allowance, even if some of the allowance period is still outstanding.

Situations involving the cessation of employment are always examined individually.

According to the Act on Adult Education Allowances, if allowances are paid without justification or the amount of the allowance is too high, the excess sums must be recovered. In principle, any overpaid allowances will be recovered in full. Recovery of overpayments can be abandoned in whole or in part if it is considered reasonable to do so and the undue payment was not the result of fraudulent action by the recipient. If you have given incorrect information to the Fund or neglected your duty to provide the Fund with information, it is not possible to abandon recovery.

An evaluation will be made to determine how reasonable it is to recover excess payments based on the account that we receive of your financial and social position. For the purpose of this evaluation, we need you to provide a reliable account of your overall position. The account must include the income available to you and your expenses every month, your assets and debts, the number of dependent children you have, and any limitations that may apply to your ability to make payments and earn an income.

If we discover that an overpayment has occurred, we will always give you the opportunity to be heard and issue a response on the case before we make a payment recovery decision. The purpose of this hearing is to provide you with an opportunity to clarify any matters that influenced the overpayment. When you submit your response, you will also be able to present your own viewpoint on the grounds for the overpayment and the amount to be recovered, as well as delivering the account of your financial and social position. If, on the basis of your response, we can determine that no overpayment has occurred, there will be no need to enter into a payment recovery procedure. As such, the hearing does not always lead to payment recovery.

You must provide your response and any clarifications in writing, either by email or post. In our letter explaining the hearing, we will set out the points that we request you to address in your response. Answer all of the questions as clearly as possible.

Payment recovery decisions can always be appealed. The decision can be issued after the period reserved for the hearing, even if you do not provide a response.

Refunding the overpayment

The payment recovery decision will be sent by post and it will include instructions for refunding overpayments. The decision will state the amount to be refunded, the due date for the refund payment and the bank account for the payment.

If you would like to find out whether you can pay in accordance with a payment schedule or if you have any questions about the refund of the overpayment, please contact the Employment Fund’s recovery team. The recovery team’s contact details are in the decision letter.

For all other questions related to payment recovery, please contact the customer service team.

Revoking the allowance decision

In some cases, your consent may be required to rectify an incorrect allowance decision or it may be necessary to apply to the Social Security Appeals Board for the decision to be revoked before a payment recovery decision can be issued. If necessary, we will request your consent to rectify the decision in the hearing letter. If you do not consent to this, we will apply to the Social Security Appeals Board to have the incorrect allowance decision revoked. The Board can revoke a decision that we have issued if it is based on an incorrect or incomplete account or if it is clearly unlawful.  If an application is made to revoke the decision, the Fund will issue an appealable decision on your right to receive an allowance and on the recovery of overpayment after the Social Security Appeals Board has processed the revocation.

Page updated: 15/1/2020