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Calculator for adult education allowance 

With the calculator, you can estimate the amount of adult education allowance for the month of allowance, the accumulation of allowance days towards the maximum and the study credit requirement.

For the calculator, it is enough that you state your average monthly earnings before studies and the income you receive during the month of allowance. All salaries, benefits and income from business are taken into account as income. Enter gross amounts in the calculator.

Optionally, you can also select the month for which you plan to apply for adult education allowance.

If, during the month for which you are applying for the allowance, you have a benefit that prevents the payment of adult education allowance, click “I am receiving a disqualifying benefit” to display the extended calculator. These disqualifying benefits include daily sickness allowance and rehabilitation allowance, among others. You can then enter the number of days in the field “Number of days not entitling to allowance”.

If the gross amount of the allowance for a month is under the basic component per day (30,74 € for year 2023) the allowance is not paid.

If you have been granted adult education allowance prior to August 1st 2020, you can estimate the amount of your adult education allowance for the month with this calculator.

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Page updated: 29/12/2020