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Employment history calculator for the adult education allowance

The calculator enables you to calculate an estimate of how much employment history you have is based on the income you have earned from paid work from 2007 onwards. The calculation is an approximate estimate that is not binding on the Employment Fund.

You can enter the earnings as shown on your pension record into the calculator.

Instructions for using the calculator

  • You will need your pension record to use the calculator. You can download your pension record from the Finnish Centre for Pensions website if necessary.
  • Select a year on the calculator. Enter your pay for the year If you have only had one employment relationship during the year, your payroll sum will be shown directly on your pension record. If you have had more than one employer, add together your earnings from each employer. and press Calculate.
  • Press Add an earning year and repeat as above for each year.
  • When you have entered information for every applicable year, press See the result.
  • If any year in your employment history works out at less than 12 months based on your income, you can add any periods of time that are equivalent to working time. Up to two years of periods equivalent to working – maternity, parental and paternity leave, child-care leave and military or civilian service – may be included in the employment history. You can check the precise dates of your maternity, parental or paternity leave on the Kela decision that you received. For the length of your child-care leave period, check the agreement you made with your employer.
  • Your employment history in the current year is calculated up until the planned start date of the study leave. Enter the date on which you plan to start your study leave. Estimate your earned income for the current year up until the start date of the study leave and enter it into the calculator.
Page updated: 28/2/2019