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New online customer service for adult student benefits

BLOG 8.11.2019 9.00
etuuspalvelun tuoteomistaja

Persons applying for a scholarship for qualified employee and adult education allowance will have access to the renewed online customer service from 2 January onwards. At the same time, we will gain access to salary information in the Incomes Register to use in granting adult education allowance.

The year-long project to update the system has focused especially on user-friendliness and efficient customer service. The service is designed to meet our user group’s needs and better serve benefit applicants.

We have striven to make the application process and the information obtained from the Incomes Register to be as transparent to our customers as possible. When applying for benefits on the new online customer service, applicants can see their salary and employer information used to grant adult education allowance. In this way, customers have the opportunity to correct their information immediately.

We have also updated the visual appearance of the online customer service and forms. The new look is consistent with the Employment Fund website, from where applicants most often access the online service. The colours and fonts also take into account accessibility requirements.

Development with the help of third-party testers

The new online customer service has undergone hundreds of hours of internal tests, but as accessibility testing is based on customers’ user experience, we also wanted feedback from people outside the Fund. Our four testers offered extremely helpful and valuable feedback on the new online customer service. Based on their observations, we were able to fix most potential issues encountered by users of the service.

Development of the new online customer service for adult student benefits does not end with the launch of the service on 2 January 2020, as we will strive to continuously monitor customer satisfaction. Based on feedback from users, we will continue to improve the user-friendliness of the online customer service. To us, the customer always comes first!