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If the Incomes Register contains incorrect information regarding entrepreneur income, please correct these accordingly

NEWS 15.4.2019 7.00

Individuals in the scope of the Self-employed Persons’ Pensions Act or the Farmers’ Pensions Act are not liable to pay social insurance fees, including the unemployment insurance contribution. Make sure you have reported all the required information to the Incomes Register correctly and submit any changes without delay.

In order to correct the information on the Incomes Register, you must revoke the submitted report and replace it with a new one. If the report has not been submitted correctly, you could be charged an incorrect amount.

How do I report information and make corrections to it?
When you are submitting wages on the online service of the Incomes Register, pick the insurance waiver type: No insurance liability (unemployment insurance).

If you are using a technical interface to report your wage information, i.e. the information is transferred to the Incomes Register directly from your own payroll system, and you need more information, please contact the system provider.

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