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Incomes Register set to replace annual payroll statement

NEWS 10.12.2019 10.00

We have been using the salary information held in the Incomes Register to pay unemployment insurance contributions since early 2019. As we receive the necessary information from the Incomes Register, employers no longer have to provide us with separate payroll statements for wages paid during 2019.

Previously, employers provided a forecasted estimate of future salaries and the final salaries paid, on the basis of which unemployment insurance contributions were invoiced once a year. With the introduction of the Incomes Register, unemployment insurance contributions have been invoiced on the basis of actual salary payments four times a year.

- Most of our customers use the payment model introduced at the beginning of the year. Customer feedback on the system has been positive. Now, employers no longer have to provide us with separate reports and invoicing is kept up-to-date, says Merli Vanala, Director, Customer Relations.