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The Employment Fund launches a registry department

NEWS 11.8.2021 15.30

The Employment Fund has set up a registry department to handle administrative mail. In future, the registry will receive, for example, the requests for statements and clarifications, complaints, claims for damages, and requests for information handled by the Employment Fund.  

The aim of the introduction of the registry is to centralise the handling of official administrative matters at the Employment Fund. 

We have directly informed our key stakeholders about the registry, and the intention going forward is for them to address their administrative messages to the registry. Key stakeholders include, for example, Governmental ministries and the Financial Supervisory Authority. 

The establishment of the registry will not affect our personal or employer customers, whose contact details will remain unchanged.   

Contact details for the registry (Kirjaamo)

E-mail address: kirjaamo(a)tyollisyysrahasto.fi 

Please send e-mails containing confidential information using a secure connection.  

Postal address:  

Employment Fund 

Registry / Kirjaamo, P.O. Box 191, 00121 Helsinki 

All Employment Fund’s contact information can be found on the Contact information page of our website 

Further information: 

Virpi Halme 

Director, Technology and Development 

Tel. 041 533 13 76 

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