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Online service

Select below either the service for unemployment insurance contributions or adult student benefits. Once in the service, you connection is secure. Using our online services is the quickest and safest to get things done.

The service for unemployment insurance contributions enables you to
  • communicate securely with the Fund
  • view the grounds and decisions concerning payments
  • view pay details subject to unemployment insurance contribution reported to the Incomes Register
  • view calculated unemployment insurance contributions
  • update your contact and invoicing details
  • report or update your bank account number
  • view wage sums reported in 2013–2018 and see their processing status
  • correct wage sum reports for 2013–2018
  • apply for training compensation
  • Make a request to access personal data or a request for rectification of personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Making a request requires a customer ship with the unemployment insurance contribution services.

Identification takes place through suomi.fi using your personal bank IDs, mobile ID or certificate card.

Report any paid wages and salaries to the Incomes Register.

The Employment Fund will receive information concerning unemployment insurance contributions from the Incomes Register. Earnings payment reports must be submitted to the Incomes Register as a rule within five days of the earnings having been paid. For up-to-date information about the Incomes Register and instructions of how to report earnings, go to the Incomes Register website.

With our online services for adult students, you can apply for 
  • a scholarship for a qualified employee 
  • an employee’s adult education allowance 
  • an entrepreneur’s adult education allowance 

You can also check the status of you application, any documents you have uploaded and our decisions online. 

We would ideally like you to send us your supporting documents via the online portal. You can add supporting documents for as long as we have not yet made a decision on your application. 

You can log into your online account at www.Suomi.fi with your personal online banking details, mobile certificate or certificate card. 

Our online service is unavailable between 1.00 and 4.00 am due to database updates.  


Page updated: 9/8/2019