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Stakeholder collaboration strategically important to the Employment Fund

BLOG 28.3.2019 9.00
Janne Metsämäki, Managing Director of the Employment Fund

Stakeholder collaboration permeates all the Employment Fund’s operations and is part of its daily business. The fund’s new strategy also includes the specific objective of improving stakeholder collaboration even further. Dialogue with our stakeholders enables us to understand their views and expectations better.

The Employment Fund’s operations affect various stakeholders, and we are, in turn, affected by the actions of others. Our main tasks are to collect unemployment insurance premiums, grant adult education benefits, ensure the adequacy of our funding and collect a countercyclical capital buffer.

Our main tasks are defined by the stakeholders affected by our operations.

Our operations directly impact beneficiaries of the benefits we grant, including members of unemployment funds and recipients of the adult education allowance. Unemployment insurance premiums are paid by employers, and companies are also an important customer group and stakeholder for us.

Close collaboration and data utilisation

The Employment Fund’s Board of Directors consists of representatives of both employers and employees, who are naturally important stakeholders for us. Both our tasks and operations are statutory. The legislation governing our operations is mostly prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. We cooperate closely with various bodies and functions of the state administration. We produce data for the organisations behind our operations to support their decision making and to contribute to the development of legislation.

We survey the views of our employer customers concerning our operations through an annual customer satisfaction survey. From now on, we will aim to obtain our customers’ opinions and feedback more extensively and more often.

We participate in relevant trade fairs and other events where we can meet our stakeholders. We are also involved in the work of various working groups, focusing, for example, on the development of expertise, the Incomes Register and tackling the shadow economy.

Dialogue, regular communication and customer feedback, as well as strong cooperation, are our means to promote collaboration with our stakeholders.


Continuous, active and open interaction with our main stakeholders:

  • labour market organisations: employees and employers
  • unemployment funds
  • applicants for adult education benefits
  • Finnish Centre for Pensions
  • Finnish Workers’ Compensation Center
  • Finnish Pension Alliance (TELA)
  • companies and employers
  • authorities, decision makers and legislators (including the Social Insurance Institution (SII) Kela, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, FIN-FSA, the Ministry of Education, tax administration)
  • educational institutions
  • banks
  • investors
  • media
  • our own personnel and fund management group
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