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Apply for training compensation in January

NEWS 5.12.2019 10.51

The purpose of training compensation is to improve an employer’s ability to organise training for its employees in order to develop their vocational competence. The compensation is applied for retrospectively, upon completion of the training.

Employers may be entitled to training compensation if they are not entitled to a deduction for education provided by the Tax Administration. Consequently, municipalities, parishes, associations, and foundations may, for example, be eligible for training compensation.

Employers can apply for training compensation for training provided in 2019 during January 2020. The easiest way to apply is via our online service.

The application for training allowance must indicate the average number of employees and the number of days of training eligible for the allowance. A training plan does not need to be included with the application for compensation.

As of 2019, training compensation will generally be paid to the customer as a reimbursement. Previously, the training compensation has been paid as a deduction from the unemployment insurance contribution.

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