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Data on benefits will be submitted to the Incomes Register from 2021

NEWS 28.5.2019 14.00

The Ministry of Finance is preparing amendments to legislation that will postpone the expansion of the Incomes Register to include pensions and benefits data until 2021. The increase in the number of users accessing salary data will, however, go ahead as planned next year.

By 2020, the Employment Fund will be able to access and use data on employment relationships and salaries held in the Incomes Register in relation to processing adult education benefits. Generally speaking, this will mean that people applying for adult education benefits will no longer be required to send salary information to the Employment Fund.

The use of data on benefits held in the Incomes Register will be delayed by one year. The Employment Fund and other agencies awarding benefits will begin submitting data on these benefits to the Incomes Register in 2021. This will not affect clients’ applications for adult education benefits.

The new schedule for the expansion of the Incomes Register is as follows:

  • By 2020: The number of people able to access data on income will increase to include those working for unemployment funds, the Development and Administration Centres (KEHA Centres) of Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) and Employment Offices (TE Offices), regional government agencies, insurance companies, municipalities, and Statistics Finland.
  • By 2021: The body of data will expand to include data on pensions and benefits.

However, initial feedback gathered from the Incomes Register users suggests that more work lies ahead of us than was expected.

“The proposed change is so extensive that it makes sense for it to be divided into two phases. This will help us ensure that everything works smoothly after the expansion and beyond. We also need more time this year to advise employers”, reports Project Lead Arto Leinonen in a Ministry of Finance press release.

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