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Minimize the effects of the postal strike by using our online customer service

NEWS 11.11.2019 12.40

The postal strike that started on Monday, November 11th, has an effect on doing business with the Employment Fund. To avoid delays, we recommend using our online customer service. The strike is estimated to last from 2 to 4 weeks.

Benefits for adult students

If you use our online customer service, the strike does not affect the handling of your case, because decisions are being made as normal and they are available on our online customer service. Via the online customer service, you can submit an application and add attachments. You can also email us attachments via the secure connection to the address koulutusetuudet@tyollisyysrahasto.fi.

The adult education allowance decisions will be emailed to the applicants that have not submitted the application via our online customer service.

If you have for example mailed the Employment Fund an application or attachments, the processing time will be delayed depending on the duration of the strike.

Our wish is that you send us statements to letters of hearing or possible appeals by email with a secure connection.

Unemployment insurance contributions

The unemployment insurance contributions that are based on the wages paid during 1.7. - 30.9. have been billed in October. The following invoices will be sent in January 2020.

You can see the decisions and invoices of the unemployment insurance contributions on our online customer service, where you can also check your up-to-date payment status or send us a message with a secure connection.

Liability components and disputes concerning the termination of an employment relationship

For matters concerning liability components, for example responses to hearings or possible appeals, you can send us an email using the secure connection.

The reconciliation matters that are in association with the disputes concerning the termination of an employment relationship, for example requests for a statement, can also be emailed to us using the secure connection.