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The Incomes Register simplifies applying for adult education allowance from 2020 onward

NEWS 25.4.2019 12.00

Starting 1 January 2020, the Employment Fund will use information provided by the Incomes Register to process applications for adult education allowance.

Employers have reported salaries and wages in the Incomes Register as of the start of 2019. Starting 1 January 2020, the Employment Fund and other organisations granting benefits will begin reporting paid allowances in the Incomes Register. Use of the register’s information in processing benefits will simplify the process, both for applicants for adult education allowance as well as employers.

At present, determining the earnings-related component of the adult education allowance requires that employers provide records of the applicant’s salaries and wages from the past 12 months. Starting from 2020, the information on employment relationships and salaries required for processing adult education allowance applications will be mainly obtained directly from the Incomes Register. If the employer has reported salaries and wages to the Incomes Register with sufficient accuracy, the information no longer needs to be provided separately when applying for adult education allowance.

In addition to preparing for the use of the Incomes Register in processing allowances, we are also introducing other improvements to our online service for adult students in order to make applying for the allowance easier. The renewed online service will be launched at the start of 2020.

More information about the Incomes Register: