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The new act on restructuring protection will enter into force in January 2023

NEWS 28.12.2022 10.47

The new restructuring protection scheme for employees aged 55 and over dismissed on financial or production-related grounds will be introduced on 1 January 2023. The Finnish Parliament approved the act on restructuring protection on 28 June 2022. 

With the reform, the Employment Fund will start levying a restructuring protection fee from employers and there will also be changes to the liability component.

Restructuring protection fee on dismissed employees aged 55 and over 

The Employment Fund can levy the restructuring protection fee from an employer dismissing an employee on financial or production-related grounds if the employee in question has reached the age of 55 and has been employed by the employer in question for at least five years. The restructuring protection fee applies to employers whose payroll on which the unemployment insurance contribution is based exceeds a specific minimum level in the year preceding the date of dismissal. For example, in 2022, the minimum level will be approximately 2.2 million euros.  

With the abolition of the additional days of unemployment security, employers will no longer have to pay the liability component (in Finnish) for employees born in or after 1965. Employees born in 1964 are the last age group entitled to additional days of unemployment security and employers will also be obliged to pay the liability component for this group. 

The aim of restructuring protection is to speed up the re-employment of dismissed employees

Restructuring protection comprises the restructuring protection allowance, right to training and extended job search leave. The restructuring protection training will be provided by the Employment and Economic Development Office and it corresponds to the maximum of two months’ salary of the dismissed employee. The restructuring protection allowance will be paid by the unemployment fund or Kela and it corresponds to one month’s salary of the dismissed employee.  

The Employment Fund will finance the restructuring protection with a restructuring protection fee levied from the employer. The fee comprises two parts of equal size: a common part and a portion collected from the employer dismissing personnel. The common part will be levied from all employers by raising the unemployment insurance contribution.  

The new restructuring protection scheme is part of the current government’s policy outlined in 2020 to promote employment among individuals aged 55 and over and to ensure that they can cope with their work.  

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