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Changes to the Employment Fund’s Board of Directors for 2021

NEWS 30.12.2020 12.40

The composition of the Employment Fund’s Board of Directors will change from 1 January 2021. Vesa Rantahalvari, Chief Policy Adviser of the Confederation of Finnish Industries, will take over as the new Chair of the Board. Saana Siekkinen, Director of SAK's Work and Security Department, will start as the Vice Chair of the Board.

Akava's Development Manager Ida Mielityinen will leave her seat on the Board and will be replaced by Akava's economist Heikki Taulu. STTK’s Director Katarina Murto leaves her seat on the Board and will be replaced by STTK’s Chief Economist Patrizio Lainà. There will be no other membership changes in the 2021 Board.

The Employment Fund is managed by the Board of Directors, consisting of 14 members. The Supervisory Board nominates the Board of Directors so that 7 members represent the employers and 7 the employees. The Board has a Chair and a Vice Chair, one of whom has to represent the employers and the other the employees. The position of chair is held on alternate years by employers and employees. 

You can find further information about Employment Fund's administration here. 

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